italian inspired inventive

The food is inspired by the flavours and traditions of Italy, yet infused with Steve’s inventive style that favours simple, seasonal elements. In addition to a fixed seasonal menu, Burnt Butter offers inspired daily creations.

Like the food, the wine list honours Burnt Butter's inventive spirit. With a nod to Steve’s Prince Edward County roots, the list also highlights innovative selections from old and new world producers. The wine list changes frequently as we discover exciting new finds. Our featured beers reflect selections from Ontario's best micro-breweries. Nunc viverra. Aliquam suscipit egestas turpis. Aenean mollis est. Sed feugiat, nulla sit amet dictum aliquam, massa leo elementum risus, sed gravida felis erat ut libero. Integer sem nisi, adipiscing non, sagittis eget, hendrerit non, nisi. Aliquam ante. Nam magna. Pellentesque vitae velit at dui semper sodales. Curabitur accumsan ornare libero. Quisque auctor. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nulla adipiscing porta ante. Vestibulum ut eros sed ipsum faucibus vestibulum.


The GCTC is a short walk from Burnt Butter! Join us before or after the show and enjoy 15% off all food purchases. Just show us your tickets or your season pass.

Book Your Holiday Party!

The holiday season is just around the corner. Host your party at Burnt Butter! We offer 3 prix fixe menus for lunch & 3 for dinner. We are also happy to customize a menu that suits your needs. We can host parties of any size up to 42 people.
  • 1100 Wellington Street West.
  • Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y7

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The food is inspired by the flavours and traditions of Italy, yet infused with Steve's inventive style that favours simple, seasonal elements. In addition to a fixed seasonal menu, Burnt Butter offers inspired daily creations

Car Loan Budget Tips

Buying your first car is an exciting time in your life that you more likely than not want to share with other people. Its not surprising that you might feel proud of your accomplishments by this time. Your car buying experience can be made more practical by basing your purchase off of your budget. A professional auto dealer can also help you to secure financing based on your budget, so keep the following tips in mind to get the right financing.

A consideration a first time car buyer needs to make is how much the car could cost in repairs. A person needs to establish an accurate budget in order to ensure that all bills, especially car loans, get paid, and car upkeep should most likely be a part of that calculation. A car dealer might be able to help a first time car buyer understand which cars are projected to need what amount of repairs. A person trying to buy a car could think about asking a dealer for assistance if that person wants assistance in understanding the different types of cars.

Another helpful technique for you to use when thinking about how to pay for your first car is to define what kind of car you need. A persons requirements can vary from region to region, block to block. The roads near you may prove difficult during the winter months, so you might prefer a more rugged car. Alternatively, you may be struggling to find parking space in the city and therefore opt to find a smaller car. These are two examples that can both help you brainstorm about the kind of car you need. Then you can base your budget for your car off of your projected needs.

Then all that is left to do is visit the dealership and try out the car. Once you confirm that it is the right car for you, the dealership can help you with the details of getting your car loan based on your budget.

Buying Back Good Credit With a Used Car Loan

Financing a quality used car through a reputable used car dealer can be a great way to improve a lagging credit score. A low credit score can sometimes make it seem difficult to purchase a vehicle, but there are options, no matter how low a credit score has fallen.

Credit scores fall due to many reasons. The best way to raise a falling score is with good positive payment reporting on a credit account. It can be very difficult to get that credit account with a low score. There are very few credit products available to those with low credit scores. Most banks will require a security for loans to anyone below a certain credit threshold. In most cases, these secured loans will not positively affect a persons credit score, no matter how diligently payments are made.

One solution is with a quality used vehicle. Used car dealerships often have relationships with many lenders and can easily handle both the purchase and the financing of your vehicle in house. Often they work with lenders who specifically assist those with low credit scores in purchasing a vehicle.

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These types of car loans may require minimum down payments or cost a little more over the life of the loan, but they have two major benefits for the lower credit consumer.

Firstly, a low credit car loan through a lender that a car dealer has a good relationship with may allow an individual to purchase much need transportation which would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Secondly, and more importantly, even though these loans may coast a little more over time, these lenders work with credit reporting agencies, reporting on-time payments and helping raise a credit score over the course of the loan.